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Letter from the webmaster:

Thank you for visiting our fan club site at Peter Cetera - The Man Himself, the place on the Internet to find past and present history and accomplishment on Peter Cetera. Ours is a easy-to-navigate, fully-functional web codings committed to bring you the most interactive choice for the internet today.

Peter Cetera - The Man Himself website offers real time chat, music samplings. music videos, auction, internet e-card, midi, true history biography, discography, past and recent photos, message forum, instant messenger club, and personalized Peter Cetera email service account. The FASHIONWAYNE Network is committed to offering you the greatest value of information on Peter Cetera - The Man Himself.

Peter Cetera - The Man Himself website welcome your comments and suggestions and invite you to let us know how we can improve the site and information we provide. Don't hesitate to contact us at Please visit our website again soon; we think you will always find something new and different each time you visit at Peter Cetera - The Man Himself.


Wayne Bui
President of The FASHIONWAYNE Network
Peter Cetera - The Man Himself

Our Mission:

To be a researching outsource for all Peter Cetera fans, by finding the oldest and latest news found on the web about his life and music career. Why are we doing all of this?  Huge fans of Peter Cetera of course.  We think the Internet ought to be fun and easy to find sources about Peter Cetera. It should be as fast and convenient as finding things in your own home. We are making a personal commitment to every fans that Peter Cetera - The Man Himself will be the best source for everything they need.

Peter Cetera Website Information:

Peter Cetera - The Man Himself first opened on November 14, 2000.  Site design was created by Wayne Bui, President of The FASHIONWAYNE Network.  Photos and information source are included in "The Site Crediting" section.  Please refer all legal crediting questions to "site crediting."

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Our Current Projects:

Currently we are re-organizing our newsletter for PC fans!  If you haven't sign up for it, now is the time!  We are also adding state of the art "Voice Chat" to our chat section.



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