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The Last Place God Made : Peter Cetera

I've seen the best of times
I've seen the worst of times
Been around and I've taken my chances
I could never be tied down
Too many questions, not enough answers

Then I laid eyes on you
I knew right there and then
This would be more than a passing encounter
My fate is bound to yours
I've found a cause right here

And if this is the last place God made
And yours is the last face I see
Just feeling close to you
That's good enough for me

We've seen the best of times
We've seen the worst of times
Been through hell and high water together
Diamond bright and tear stained memories
These are the times I'll remember forever
If you believe in me, like I believe in you
Without a care for the why or the wherefore
I will be there for you
And you'll be there for me


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