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Man In Me : Peter Cetera

There's a man in me who's lost his way
And he searches for his pride
He's confused by who he's told to be
Cause he feels the beast inside

He is troubled by the changing times
And he fears his dreams have died
There's a man that's waited
Hoping to be liberated
There's a man in me who

I wanna save
Revive his dignity
Free from his cage
And release the man in me who
Cries for the day
He will be let out
And show us the way
I believe
There's a man in me

I have lived inside my mother's eyes
I have felt my father's heart
I am torn between the dark and light
But I won't be torn apart

Cause there's a man in me who's unafraid
Who only now can feel his rage
He's been taught to hide it
But he can no longer fight it

There's a man in me who


Here we are
I didn't think we'd get this far
We were overdue
When it's time
To understand the man
Then I can love
The woman in you

There's a man in me that


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